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Stakeholder Engagement

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International Biodiversity Consultants - Stakeholder Engagements in Europe and the UK

Europe and the UK

Stakeholder Engagement forms an integral part of our Client's long-term biodiversity enhancement programme and goal to become a nature-positive organization.

IBC provided crucial technical guidance in the form of a Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Process (SMEP) through which the Client gained an understanding of the purpose of such undertaking. The SMEP included an overview of the steps, tools, and methodologies necessary to conduct a sound pre-engagement analysis and determine the most suitable types of engagement to get data-based insights crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved and/or affected by any planned undertaking or project.

Furthermore, our consultants worked closely with the client on a preliminary stakeholder analysis mapping matrix that contained components such as a stakeholder categorisation, classification, and scoring system.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Planning (SMEP) methodology