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Our business process services cover the following areas


  • Assessing business frameworks, products and processes for biodiversity impacts
  • Business data-stream information and data-availability assessment
  • Identification of upstream/downstream supply chains and logistic network biodiversity impacts
  • Identification of existing value chains and biodiversity impacts
  • Assessment of local nature-negative activities, nature-related impacts and dependencies
  • Scope 1,2,3 boundary assessments, deployment of biodiversity metrics


  • Mapping analysis of supply chains and logistic networks
  • Identification of nature-related risks and nature-positive and sustainability opportunities
  • Identification of new value chain opportunities and enhancements
  • Layered data visualisation through mapping of product lines and value chains

Strategic Solutions

  • Identifying commitments, goals and developing corporate and project strategies
  • Incorporating Science-based Targets, Benchmarking, and Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Building nature-positive business models
  • Embracing Nature-focused Solutions and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Meeting reporting standards and guidelines
  • Risk-based Management Frameworks


  • Support with Management Plans
  • Action Plans
  • Progress/performance tracking, monitoring and evaluation
  • Incorporating adaptive management and comparison optioneering
  • Biodiversity accounting for internal/external disclosure