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International Biodiversity Consultants - Associate Consultants

Associate Consultants

IBC is always keen to expand its network of local, national and international experts worldwide in disciplines related to our services and value working alongside these colleagues to deliver combined expertise. Such disciplines include:

  • Ecologists (professionals and academics);
  • Environmental Consultants;
  • Social Consultants;
  • Data and Statistical Analysts; and
  • GIS experts

Please contact us with a CV for further information.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Experience Opportunities

Experience Opportunities

IBC welcomes opportunities to work with recent graduates or post-graduates that seek to build their experience. We want to support and empower scientists from around the world, who promote science, uphold high quality, integrity and with that have a positive impact on our STEM community. IBC is always keen to hear from individuals, especially those from diverse and under-represented backgrounds. Our approach is to learn from one another and help build each other’s knowledge and profiles. Preferably, we like to provide paid internships when we can or an exchange of experiences when we cannot.

Please contact us with a CV for more information.