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International Biodiversity Consultants - Philip Rogers


Phil is a Professional Ecologist and Project Manager/Director with over 20 years of experience which has covered a wide range of industries and sectors. He has academic qualifications in environmental science and a PhD focusing on aquatic ecology. His professional and academic experiences have covered freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments across arid, temperate, tropical to coastal, and marine zones. He has considerable experience in conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIAs), and Ecosystem Services Assessments; his work is often aligned to Equator Principle Standards, IFC (specifically Performance Standard 6), European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Phil is experienced at Species Assessments and Critical Habitat Assessments and specialises in developing Corporate or Project Biodiversity Strategy Plans and Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs). As a project ecology lead, Phil regularly organises staff and specialist contractors to undertake field surveys, review methodologies, and analyse and interpret results.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Tanja Rogers


Tanja has been with IBC since its launch in 2019 and has been integral in defining our mission and the direction that the business is taking. In addition to running day-to-day processes, she has worked closely with our Clients in areas such as stakeholder mapping and engagement planning, provided technical guidance and support in defining their biodiversity-related goals and objectives, as well as their target setting and progress monitoring through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

She has further developed tools that capture and visualise ecological, conservation, habitat, and quantified GIS mapping data, and numerous conceptual and data-driven infographics. Tanja is also is experienced in delivering technical reports including Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans to our Clients, and as a qualified Environmental Law and Policy Specialist she has reviewed national and international biodiversity legislation and regulations.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Claire Beverley


Claire is a qualified PRINCE2 project manager with a PhD in biological control and is an expert in digital project delivery. As a programme manager, she gained considerable experience of leading global teams to deliver complex plant health projects in Africa, Latin America, SE Asia and the UK.

She has been responsible for defining and implementing the strategic direction of numerous international projects focused on agricultural and environmental issues. She has also designed and delivered workshops on plant health management and tools to enhance data autonomy for stakeholders in several countries including Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

In addition, Claire has been appointed as an Expert Facilitator for a post-doctorate programme co-facilitated by the British Society for Plant Pathology and has been a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Plant Protection in Horticulture.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Pakhi Das


Pakhi is a wildlife conservation researcher and project manager based near Mumbai, India. She has experience in managing several complex projects ranging from species-specific projects such as snow leopard conservation in the Himalayas and tiger radio telemetry in the Bay of Bengal to more diverse, community-oriented projects including community conservation and human-wildlife conflict mitigation in India’s priority landscapes. With a Master degree in Sustainability and Environmental Studies from the University of Strathclyde and Bachelor degree in Environmental Management and Economics, Pakhi has worked with organisations such as WWF India, Technology for Wildlife and Network for Conserving Central India.

Currently, she is leading the research on the legal frameworks, environmental safeguards, and realities on the ground in Nepal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Vietnam to identify threats and opportunities for safeguarding biodiversity from linear infrastructure development at various levers of influence, across scales and countries, to ensure biodiversity, climate resilience, and balanced development. Pakhi also leads partnerships for the Global Youth Biodiversity Network – India chapter on a voluntary basis and is currently involved in the CBD post-2020 targets youth representation and National Biodiversity Strategic Action Planning.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Stefan Harrison


Stefan has an academic background in biology with a masters in Biosystematics and is working towards a PhD in Tropical Ecology with a focus on entomology and botany. He has gained global experience in these fields working in research and for international NGOs in the Asia Pacific, Southern Africa, South America (Paraguay, Peru), and Southeast Asia (Cambodia) where he specialised in protected area management.

In the UK, Stefan has gained experience in ecological consultancy undertaking Ecology Clerk of Works for national infrastructure developments, protected species surveys (great crested newts, reptiles, badgers and bats), and in supervisory roles in mitigation methods. He has a passion for entomology and enjoys identifying beetles and true bugs in his spare time.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Enyi Emmanuel Nfor

ENYI EMMANUEL NFOR BSC MSC (Biology) MSC (Water Sustainability)

Emmanuel is a professional and academic with experience in managing projects for biodiversity conservation, restoration ecology, protected area management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water resources and integrated water management, data statistics and natural resource management within government institutions and NGOs across Africa and Europe (Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Belgium).

Emmanuel has undertaken environmental field work on diverse projects that interfaces between science and policy. He has gained skills in biodiversity baseline assessment, monitoring and evaluation, ecological risk assessment, ecosystem services assessment, spatial analysis, modelling and forecasting, carbon offsetting and stakeholder engagement. He is experienced in delivering technical and scientific reporting including Biodiversity Action Plans. He has also developed and lead workshops on mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into policy development with the incorporation of smart-agricultural practices for sustainable development.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Natalie Weber


Natalie is a bat expert and works as an independent ecologist and research consultant. She has substantial (field) work experience in Africa and SE Asia for more than 15 years. Her work covers a diverse range of projects in the environmental consulting sector, and for research institutions and NGOs, providing case-specific solutions at the interface of science and practical application.

Natalie has also gained extensive experience in project coordination and management. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to, lead of rare species surveys, assessment of bats and their habitats for environmental studies in different sectors (e.g., EIAs), biodiversity conservation and monitoring, and state-of-the-art GPS tracking. She has further trained numerous students and technicians, and organises workshops. Natalie is also active in Germany, where she is experienced in faunistic ecological assessments, including implementation and monitoring of Continuous Ecological Functionality (CEF) and Favourable Conservation Status (FCS) measures, and qualified as an ecologist for BREEAM DE.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Diego Toscano Medina


Diego Toscano Medina is an Environmental Project Manager with over 8 years of experience covering a wide range of industries and sectors. His academic qualifications are in Environmental Science, Environmental and Ecosystem Management, and a Science Master focusing on region-wide socio-ecological systems and sensitive dynamics.

Diego has worked in the fields of conservation ecology, sustainable and renewable energy, industrial compliance to governmental institutions, and international organizations’ regulatory procedures such as IFC EP4 and BBS, CITES I & II, and GEF-8. He has gained considerable experience in project management, policy design, spatial modelling and analysis, and he applies various Project Management methodologies.

Diego’s favourite experience is the integrated sustainable development plans on both local and regional scope. Working with considerations for sensitive species while promoting regional economic and social evolution has been his most challenging yet most rewarding approach towards meeting the SDG’s and generating positive impacts on communities.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Sarah Banet-Eugene


Sarah Banet-Eugene is a wildlife conservationist with over 5 years of experience in East and West Africa, and countries in Southeast Asia. As a qualified wildlife conversationist and ecologist with an MSc focusing on Primate Conservation, her extensive professional and academic background covers wildlife surveys, ecological studies, and behavioural research.

Sarah has a wealth of experience in biodiversity research and conservation, aligning her work with various frameworks, policies, and institutions aimed at preserving ecosystems and endangered species. She actively undertakes specialized tasks such as habitat restoration initiatives, wildlife monitoring programs, and community-based conservation projects; and she has demonstrated excellent leadership skills when supervising teams in roles such as project ecology lead. In this capacity, Sarah regularly organizes field surveys, coordinates specialist contractors, reviews methodologies, and analyses and interprets results.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Chiara Bortoluzzi

Chiara Bortoluzzi (PhD)

Chiara Bortoluzzi is a computational biologist with over 7 years of experience working at the intersection of DNA sequencing technologies and biodiversity conservation. Throughout her career, she has cultivated an extensive international network, fostering collaborations with leading academic institutions across Europe. She holds a PhD degree from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) in conservation genomics and has worked as a research associate at the University of Cambridge (UK) and Wellcome Sanger Institute. Here, she worked for the Darwin Tree of Life Project, a monumental endeavor dedicated to sequencing the genomes of 70,000 species of eukaryotic organisms in Britain and Ireland.

Chiara is a committed advocate for citizen science, recognizing its transformative potential in engaging communities and democratizing scientific research. Her commitment to citizen science initiatives is evident in her role as steering member of the citizen science committee of the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA), a pan-European scientific response to current threats to biodiversity. Since 2023, she has been elected to the ERGA Executive Board as Dissemination Officer.