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Our people and society services cover the following areas


  • Stakeholder identification of engagement opportunities and methodologies
  • Surveys, questionnaires, and interviews
  • Assessing integration opportunities of international frameworks and initiatives
  • Incorporating data-collecting technological innovation
  • Aligning to client policies ensuring these are adhered to and upheld throughout the process
  • Confidentiality, data security, and protection


  • Mapping of stakeholders, engagement opportunities and methodologies
  • Engagement data evaluation, trend analysis, and visualisation
  • Evaluation of existing business goals and engagement data against international frameworks

Strategic Solutions

  • Developing and integrating appropriate engagement strategies
  • Engagement targets and Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Aligning business goals towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other initiatives


  • Stakeholder management and action plans integration
  • Leveraging the power of your people in making nature-positive changes
  • Progress/performance tracking monitoring and evaluation
  • Adaptive management – ensuring resilience is maintained over time