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Ecological Dispute Resolution

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International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecological Dispute Resolution in Greenwich, UK

Greenwich, UK

IBC’s Principal Ecologist worked on a revised Reserved Matters Application (RMA) and parallel Planning Appeal process covering an overshadowing case of Greenwich Peninsular Ecology Park. The project included reviewing ecological documentation and advising the client in respect to a joint appeal and potential settlement case including preparing information for legal representation.

The revised RMA also involved working with Greater London Authority (GLA), The Land Trust and Trust for Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to provide a new redesign for the Ecology Park, involvement with additional extensions to the park including blue-green infrastructure mitigation and new habitat compensation areas (a new swale and additional habitat areas in Southern Park).

In addition, the role covered wider multi-phase development including sign-off of ecological deliverables e.g. Brown-Green Roof Strategies, Habitat Management Plans, Code for Sustainable Homes, Phase 1 surveys, and final conditional discharges.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecological Dispute Resolution in Kyrgyzstan


A risk and gap analysis study of ecological and biodiversity issues was undertaken by our experts for a Gold Mine Project in Kyrgyzstan, in which stakeholders had lodged grievances with local and national government. The communities alleged environmental damage had occurred from mine activities causing damage to grazing land and ecologically sensitive vegetation habitat, together with potential contamination of nearby rivers and lakes.

Engagement was conducted through discussing these issues with local stakeholders, government officials and technical advisors, and in turn presenting information to Executive Board Members from the mine company in order to resolve and find amicable solutions.