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International Biodiversity Consultants - Business Processes (Value Chains) International Biodiversity Consultants - Business Processes (Value Chains)


IBC have recently supported a client with production bases across the world to map their supply and value chains together with interlinking operational bases. The analysis began by establishing where the company’s ecological footprint was occurring (through the identification of impacts to the environment and consequently on biodiversity). The resulting map assisted the client in implementing a supply chain engagement strategy and action plan driving greater sustainability as a result.

Supply and value chains may include supply of raw materials, transportation of materials, generation of waste, energy use, transportation of end products, product storage and end-user product use). All along a product chain impacts on biodiversity and ecological systems may occur, however, once identified we can assist and lead our client through processes of making nature-positive investment changes.

Insetting (bringing about transformational changes within a company’s supply/value chain footprint) is one example that can lead to benefits for climate (CO2 sequestration) and biodiversity via restoring directly impacted ecosystems (biodiversity restoration actions).

International Biodiversity Consultants - Business Processes (Value Chains)

Example of a product value chain map.
Note that analyses of value chains are uniquely customised on a case-by-case basis and may differ significantly from operational value chains.