International Day for Biodiversity – Be Part of the Plan

Posted 22nd June 2024

The International Day for Biodiversity was celebrated on the 22nd of May this and every year since the adoption of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) text on that day in 1992.

This year’s theme “Be Part of the Plan” calls on all stakeholders – Governments, NGOs, Legislative Bodies, Businesses, Local and Indigenous Communities, and Individuals – to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and actively support the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

Figure 1: Society and the key stakeholders within it depicted as a planetary constellation orbiting around the 2024 Biodiversity theme symbol of “Be Part of the Plan”.


The cross-societal and collaborative aspects of the theme are at the core of the International Biodiversity Biodiversity Consultants (IBC) business model, which focuses on the three main components as shown below:



Biodiversity and ecology services are at the centre of IBC’s mission, and these include collecting, measuring, and analysing data. This may be in the form of establishing baselines or ongoing monitoring and serve to inform other stakeholders’ decision-making processes that relate to the preservation and enhancement of natural habitats and biodiversity.


People & Society

People are integral to solving the biodiversity crisis, and engaging and understanding their role as part of IBC’s core business mission. From stakeholder engagement, devising approaches and methodologies, developing surveys, questionnaires, interviews to innovative analysis, and developing strategic approaches as well as delivery.


Business Processes

Although businesses arguably form parts of People & Society, they often have operational processes with complex value chains attached, which need to be assessed separately in terms of their biodiversity footprints.


Figure 2: Infographic of IBC’s three core business components; Biodiversity, People & Society, and Business Processes


TARGET 15: Business assessments, disclosure and reduction of biodiversity-related risks and negative impacts

Biodiversity and Ecology surveys collect data required to establish a baseline and help inform a businesses of its footprint. For example, this helps identify biodiversity risks, dependencies and impacts. Company Policies, Management Plans such as a   Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan can then drive decisions to make positive changes.  

People are integral to solving the biodiversity crisis, and engaging and understanding their role as part of your organisation’s core mission is critical.

IBC’s tools that help support nature-positive transitions include stakeholder mapping and  engagement, developing questionnaires and interviews to innovative data analysis.

The CBD 2030 Plan promotes businesses to adopt administrative, legal, and policy measures to:

•      Introduce baseline assessment, regular monitoring and transparent disclosure of biodiversity risks, dependencies and impacts.

•      Ensure consumers are provided with sustainable consumption options.

·         Provide compliance reporting.

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How you can be “Part of the Plan”:

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) BIODIVERSITY PLAN: For Life on Earth in 2024 is focused on halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity, and to preserve and enhance natural habitats and ecosystems. It is an ambitious task that also has Targets attached. To implement the plan in a meaningful and effective way requires coordinated and guided action from the whole of society.

It is only natural to feel overwhelmed at first under the complexity of the tasks involved. To provide you with an overview, the Convention for Biological Diversity has published guidance and a list of actions for all parts of society.


The CBD guidance provides an important starting point and overview on what is required of us as a whole society. Nonetheless, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Especially where businesses and other organizations (governmental and non-governmental) are concerned. finding the best solutions and coming up with the most effective actions requires further guidance and support from technical experts in the field of biodiversity, conservation, ecology and sustainability.

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