In Conversation with Natalie Weber: Celebrating Bat Appreciation Day

Posted 17th April 2024

  Introduction Bat Appreciation Day was started by Bat Conversation International and is observed annually on April 17th. It serves as a reminder of the vital role bats play in our ecosystems. These often misunderstood animals are not only fascinating but also crucial for maintaining ecological balance. To delve deeper into the world of bats, […]

BIOFIN: what is it, and how can biodiversity specialists and experts get involved?

Posted 15th April 2024

  IntroductionBiodiversity finance also known as BioFin refers to funding and financial mechanisms designed to support conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through bridging national funding gaps, ensuring resources are efficiently and optimally allocated, and potentially avoiding imposition of future costs on society. The concept of BioFin is gaining popularity due to increasing recognition of […]

Welcome to our Newest Associate, Chiara Bortoluzzi

Posted 2nd April 2024

  We are happy to announce that Chiara Bortoluzzi has joined IBC’s team of Associates. As a computational biologist with over 7 years of experience, Chiara has been working at the intersection of DNA sequencing technologies and biodiversity conservation. Throughout her career, she has cultivated an extensive international network, fostering collaborations with leading academic institutions […]

Businesses for Biodiversity Conservation: A Crucial Investment into the Future

Posted 2nd April 2024

  Biodiverse natural environments serve as pillars for the well-being and safety of societies worldwide, constituting a cornerstone of our global economy. Over half of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) hinges on natural capital and its accompanying services. In fact, all businesses, directly or indirectly, rely on biodiversity for resources, materials, and services. From […]

Women in Conservation

Posted 11th March 2024

  In the vast landscape of wildlife and biodiversity conservation, women globally have played instrumental roles for driving transformative change through collaboration and collective action. From grassroots initiatives to global advocacy campaigns, women have challenged gender norms and stereotypes while pioneering innovative approaches to environmental stewardship. Figures like Rachel Carson, whose seminal work “Silent Spring” […]

Call for Ecologists

Posted 8th February 2024

International Biodiversity Consultants Ltd (IBC) is an independent Biodiversity and Ecology specialist consultancy dedicated to conserving and enhancing the environment through Nature-based Solutions. We are working with our clients worldwide and provide them with technical support in their efforts to: minimise their ecological footprint across their activities, value chains, and operation; enhance biodiversity on their […]

Welcoming Sarah and Diego to IBC

Posted 7th February 2024

IBC are happy to announce that Sarah Banet-Eugene and Diego Toscano Medina have joined IBC’s Team of Associates. Sarah’s background as a wildlife conservationist and ecologist has taken her to East and West Africa and several countries in Southeast Asia. Her expert focus is in primate conservation with technical experience in conducting wildlife surveys, ecological […]

Bellem, Belgium agriculture

Conserving Biodiversity in Belgium Agriculture

Posted 30th September 2023

The crucial role of agroecology and sustainable farming   What is biodiversity and what is its importance? Biodiversity, often referred to as the variety of life on Earth, encompasses a wide range of species, ecosystems, and genetic diversity. Biodiversity plays a fundamental role in shaping the health of ecosystems, supporting human well-being, and maintaining the […]

Welcoming our new Associate, Enyi Emmanuel Nfor

Posted 28th July 2023

We are pleased to welcome Enyi Emmanuel Nfor to our IBC Associates Team. Emmanuel holds a B.Sc. in Biology, an M.Sc. in Biology: Biodiversity; Conservation and Restoration and an M.Sc. in Water Sustainability: Integrating Technology and Nature-based Solutions; and is working towards an M.Sc. in Statistical Data Analysis. Emmanuel’s professional and academic experience covers areas […]

Biodiversity Information Boards

IBC celebrates UN Biodversity Day 2023

Posted 23rd May 2023

The United Nations Biodiversity Day is a great event to celebrate biodiversity both locally and globally. In previous years IBC have been involved with events organized by some of its clients. In 2022, the team presented to one of its global clients with over 6,000 staff. The event was televised live and recorded and gave […]