Welcoming our new Associate, Enyi Emmanuel Nfor

Posted 28th July 2023

We are pleased to welcome Enyi Emmanuel Nfor to our IBC Associates Team. Emmanuel holds a B.Sc. in Biology, an M.Sc. in Biology: Biodiversity; Conservation and Restoration and an M.Sc. in Water Sustainability: Integrating Technology and Nature-based Solutions; and is working towards an M.Sc. in Statistical Data Analysis.

Emmanuel’s professional and academic experience covers areas including biodiversity, conservation science, restoration ecology, water resources management, integrated water management, and nature-based solutions and statistics. Emmanuel has managed projects in various fields such as protected area management and climate change mitigation and adaptation for government institutions as well as NGOs across Africa and Europe (Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Belgium).

He is passionate about supporting policy developments and decision-making processes for many of the topic areas mentioned above, to foster sustainable development through data-driven solutions and research.

You can find more about him on his profile on our Consultants’ page here.

We are looking forward to our collaboration and exploring new, exciting opportunities.