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International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecosystem Services in Liberia


As part of a proposed new gold mine, an Ecosystem Services Assessment Study was required for the Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). It was a multi-disciplinary study undertaken to IFC Performance Standards and included working closely with other ESIA team groups (Social-Economic, Environment Teams) to understand and define the Study Area.

Our experts were tasked with identifying key ecosystems (such as forests, grasslands, and swamps) and how these could impact on forest timber extraction, Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) and food and water sources, as well as with examining how far people are prepared to travel for such services. The project site had to be visited to provide a description of current baseline conditions and to identify priority services. An impact assessment and mitigation and management measures were also completed.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecosystem Services in Vietnam


An Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA) was conducted to IFC Performance Standards (IFC PS 6) in connection with a new industrial automobile project near to Hanoi, Vietnam. The project involved developing a detailed assessment of ecosystem services (ES) covering Provisional, Cultural, Supporting, and Regulating Services, which covered the identification and definition of the study area, the undertaking of preliminary screening, identifying priority ES, recognising ES importance and replaceability, and conducting an impact assessment. Recommendations were made for mitigation of ES services together with a monitoring programme.