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International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecology Surveys in Azerbaijan


Preliminary and Detailed Ecological surveys were organised for a mine infrastructure project in Azerbaijan for an Environmental and Social Assessment Study (ESA).

The project involved organising and working with flora specialists (Institute of Botany, part of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), macroinvertebrate, and wildlife experts to develop a baseline study that identified impacts and proposed suitable mitigation measures.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecology Surveys in France, Ireland and UK

France, Ireland and UK

IBC ran Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEA) of industrial sites in Wales and Ireland for a multi-national business, evaluating and identifying habitats present, and recording flora and fauna species.

The work is part of the company's nature-positive 2030 campaign leading to identification of enhancement opportunities. Subsequent PEAs are also planned for sites in France. IBC are further tracking changes over the long-term to ensure success at the global level.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecology Surveys in Indonesia


Our staff have been involved with baseline monitoring of terrestrial, freshwater aquatic and marine environments overseeing and managing field surveys for key flora and fauna groups (plants, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) .

Marine surveys were also conducted including deep-sea fish sampling and marine mammal surveys.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecology Surveys in Liberia


Detailed ecological assessments were conducted in Liberia, West Africa for a major mining project ESIA to IFC Performance Standards (2012). The assessment included investigating potential presence for IUCN Red Listed Threatened Species, endemic and restricted-range species, congregatory and migratory species, rare and/or threatened ecosystems, and key evolutionary processes.

The project also involved conducting a Critical Habitat Assessment and further detailed species assessments (both desk and field based) to locate if species new to science were present elsewhere in the country.

International Biodiversity Consultants - Ecology Surveys in Vietnam


Environmental DNA or eDNA is a new monitoring tool that can be deployed for aquatic ecological community assessment. The technique identifies macroinvertebrates and vertebrates (particularly fish species) and is much more successful at identifying species compared with traditional survey methods.

Part of the study was to develop a suitable sampling strategy that covered a distance of 60 km along the Dong Nai River in Southern Vietnam. The project involved analysing eDNA data and interpreting where changes and impacts to ecological communities could occur. Appropriate mitigation measures were proposed as a result to support upstream fish migration.